EisenEdit – A new Map Editor

linuxwolf of Team Raycast has released a cool new tool for making maps in Wolfenstein 3D.

Inspired by TED5 and powered by the Wolf4SDL engine, EisenEdit uses the VSWAP file of the game itself to generate detailed overviews of the maps being edited. The final result is very pleasant to look at.


The editor has a variety of functions, including many dedicated to advanced modding (eg floor and ceiling textures), as well as quality-of-life tools like copy and paste.
Another interesting feature is a “pathfinder”, that will draw the quickest path between two tiles. Locked doors and their keys will even be factored into the path drawn!

linuxwolf’s EisenEdit has been released in open source under GPLv3, and is still being worked on, with more features and finetuning being done over time.

If you’re interested in trying a new way to edit your maps, EisenEdit is available to try right now, with support for both Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny currently available.

Download EisenEdit (via GitHub)
Source Repository (via GitHub, includes full documentation)
linuxwolf on Twitter (Live updates)
EisenEdit page on WolfSource

Video Highlights (Week ending 2019/03/10)

Downloads to any mods shown can be found here.

With Commentary

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RussianStorm took us on a blind playthrough of the total conversion Absence. Be sure to check it out! Commentary throughout.

Continuing with Atomprojekt, DaClubOfDaMan1993 brought us a couple more floors of Atomprojekt this week, complete with end-level discussion. Watch from the beginning here.
TreeSapThief is continuing his playthrough of Spear End of Destiny, and is up to the third secret level. Start from the beginning here.

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A man who is most certainly not serpens has been playing the first floor of various “interesting” older mods.
pagb666 is playing through the cd-rom version of Corridor 7. He’s also added a “bonus” video of Level 1 from the floppy disk version of the game, which has some changes in enemies and secret areas.
Mykita Gaming has reached Level 29 of Project Totengraeber’s ECWolf port. Watch from the beginning here.


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A man who as previously mentioned is definitely not serpens has been streaming a variety of different mods, including Gothic Mayhem. If you’re interested in lesser known mods, be sure to check out the channel!
Joshua Waight, aka MadWolf, has uploaded an archived Wolfenstein 3D livestream. Joshua has made many large Wolf3D mods over the years, including A World of Rage and Krucible.

If you’ve seen any interesting videos or streams published this week, or have made something yourself, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Release: Wolfenstein 3D Episode 1 ported to ROTT

AstroCreep has brought us a fun mod that ports the entire of Episode One from Wolfenstein 3D to ROTT.

Wall textures converted nicely, and pushwalls feel very much like they do in Wolf4SDL. It’s also fun being able to destroy parts of the environment!

Download Wolf3D EP1 Conversion for Rise of the Triad: Dark War. Requires the original game to run.

How to play

To run, just drop the files in the game directory, mount the drive in DOSBox, then type

setup.exe file wolf3d.wad

Navigate to Use Modified Stuff, then Choose Alternate Game Levels. Pick WOLF3DE1.RTL.
Go back to the main menu and choose Save and Run ROTT, and enjoy!

Release: The Tracey Simpsons Show HUN (Beta 2)

Officer Michael John has released the second beta of an interesting Wolfenstein 3D mod, where you play as Homer Simpson, and appear to be killing your family as they appear in the original version of the cartoon.

There are many interesting additions, such as the implementation of ladders you can “climb” (because The Simpson Family didn’t have stairs back then?).
It runs on DOS4GW (It’s great to see people still using it as an engine), and the download includes DosBox, which will let you run the game.

Be aware, the game is in Hungarian, but the menu is structured the same as in normal Wolfenstein 3D.

The Tracey Simpsons Show HUN (Beta 2) on ModDB
Accompanying Teaser Video (Abstract Art?)

The DieHard Wolfers Forums turns 16 today!

Happy birthday, everyone!

Does this infringe trademark? ;D

The DieHard Wolfers forums is the successor of the DieHard Wolfers Yahoo Group and served as the central point for all fans of the games to meet and share their love.

While some posts have been lost to time, DHW continues to be an amazing amalgamation of the learning and creativity of the community. There is a lot of history in there, if you look.

The forums were officially started on the 1st of March 2003, but not formally announced until the 11th that same month.

Today in 2019, the forums still serve as a popular meeting place to talk about the game and the mods still being made for it.

Thank you to AReyeP, MCS and BrotherTank, for giving us all an outlet to share our love of Wolfenstein. Thank you too, to everyone who has been or currently is a member for making it what it has been for so long.

Even if the website still doesn’t make registration easy.

The DieHard Wolfers forum
Post announcing the opening of the forums on Yahoo
The earliest post still on the forum (A poll to rate the mod Spear Ressurection)
The most viewed thread on DHW is the announcement and subsequent discussion of Wolf4SDL. It has over 246,000 views!

This week on YouTube (Week Ending 2019/02/24)

Downloads to any mods shown can be found here.

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Sven van der Plank is still chipping away at Wolfenstein 3D for Xbox Live Arcade. He is up to E6F4 of his 100% playthrough at the hardest difficulty (I Am Death Incarnate), so he’s almost done! You can watch from the start here.
RussianStorm brought us a blind impressions video of A World of Rage by Joshua Waight!
TreeSapThief is up to Level 9 of his Spear End of Destiny playthrough! You can watch from the start here. TST also has playthroughs for other great Wolf3D mods. Check them out if you have the time!

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Pushing ever closer, Mykita Gaming is up to Level 22 of the ECWolf port of Project Totengraeber. You can watch from the start here.
Kloki38 has published a video featuring gameplay from a beta version of Corridor 7. He found the version on an compilation disk on archive.org, and it’s definitely interesting from a historic point of view how different it is from the final release.
TheLlanos M79 has been playing some Wolfenstein 3D mods, including Ian Summerfield’s Crash Bandicoot mod! You can view the playthrough from the start here, and check out his channel for other playthroughs!
Slickochet streamed his playthrough of Spear of Destiny for ECWolf on Twitch. It goes for roughly 50 minutes.

New section: Utilities

This section of the website provides overviews for the various Editing programs available for modding Wolf3D.

Right now, there are pages for various Map Editors and Editing Suites including MapEdit and WDC.
These pages have feature listings and basic information about the programs. Eventually they will also include guides and tutorials.

The hopes is these pages will prove helpful to people looking to mod the games, or at least provide some interesting information.

A big thank you to everyone on the Discord for their help in making these pages as accurate as possible.

They are still a work in progress, but if you see any errors or omissions, let us know!

Happy (belated) 24th Birthday to Rise of the Triad!

It was on Sunday!

The game isn’t the Wolfenstein 3D sequel it was intended to be, but 3DRealms gave us Dark War instead, which stands on it’s own two feet as a classic of gaming.

Thank you to Tom Hall and everyone involved for so many years of akimbo pistol-fuelled joy.

Now, where’s my ECROTT port?

VSWolfTools 2 update 6 released

Vincent has released the latest update to VSWolfTools 2 today, bringing tweaks to features, and bug fixes. (Patch notes transcribed from Vincent’s website below)

VSWolfTools 2 is a Wolfenstein 3D editing suite developed by Vincent. The package comes with 4 programs that much like WDC, edit multiple parts of the game including maps and sprites.

The suite of programs -which are designed to work on modern systems like Windows 10- also have support for advanced modding features like editing ceiling and floor textures and larger map sizes, and a 3D Map Preview function, among more.

If you give it a go, be sure to pass important feedback on to Vincent to help him shape the future of the project!

Changes in Update 6
  • Code in all 4 programs to prevent a possible, but unlikely, accumulation of temporary files in the program directory.
  • Levels can be resized individually.
  • New format for level files (unchanged for 64 x 64 tiles).
  • Statistics for the whole mod.
  • Imagelist for the vswap file, No need to start VSWAPED.
  • New class: junk food (pool of blood etc, only for weak health).
  • A few bugs (25) have been fixed. Some of them were for saved games, which I had ignored, probably like anyone else.
  • Descriptions can now be deselected.
  • Simplified treatment of doors.
  • Add dummy chunks or delete chunks.
  • Handles pictures with heights not divisible by 4.

VSWolfTools 2 Download (Update 6)
VSWolfTools 2 Homepage – Check it out for much more information, and to see his other non-Wolf3D related projects!

This week on YouTube (Week Ending 2019/02/17)

Downloads to any mods shown can be found here.

With Commentary

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DyingCamel has spent the week streaming a Retro FPS Marathon, which has included Corridor 7, OBC, Super 3D Noah’s Ark and ROTT!
DaClubOfDaMan1993 is still playing through Atomprojekt, with end-level commentary. Several episodes came out this week, which you can see here.
Young man LordZandaurgh plays virtual reality games, and recently played a new interpretation of Wolf3D VR. Looks like fun!

TreeSapThief is still playing through Spear End Of Destiny. Good stuff! Complete playlist thus far here
Continuing her first impressions series of Wolf3D mods, this week RussianStorm takes on A Touch of Nazi by John Bucksnort.

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Mykita Gaming is up to floor 15 of the Project Totengraeber ECWolf port! Watch the whole thing from the start here.
Something a little different! QuakedoomNukem has uploaded the soundtrack to the upcoming ECWolf mod Astrostein: Future Shock. Some good songs there, and the YouTube video description has links to skip between songs.

Did you see something cool, or publish your own YouTube video on Wolfenstein 3D or one of it’s sister-games? Let WolfSource know!